Why are Dental Check Ups Important?

Getting routine dental check ups is important as people who get check ups done routinely are less likely to deal with a serious dental issue that could require invasive treatments.

There are quite a few more reasons to get your check ups done routinely, such as:

Dental checkups prevent plaque, tartar, cavities and tooth decay. This is because a dentist will always be checking for early signs of tooth decay. If a dentist finds small cavities or any signs of early tooth decay, they will start the patient on fluoride treatment to reverse this.

Secondly, these check ups also prevent gum disease! Dentists will always search for any signs of early stage gum disease. This involves them checking if the gums are firm, if they have an swelling, or if they are receding at all. If a dentist finds any of these symptoms, they will treat the underlying cause.

Lastly, dentists use routine check ups to check for oral cancer. This is important because if oral cancer goes undetected it has the possibility of developing into a life threatening illness. These are just three of the many reasons why you should be on top of getting your check ups done

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