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Success Stories

The Doctor’s at Sunrise Dental are constantly striving for quality dentistry; this commitment is evident in the care they provide to their patients. The management of the treatment individually designed for each patient makes Sunrise Dental a unique dental practice.

I strongly recommend them.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Nasser Barghi, D.D.S., M.A

The Doctor’s at Sunrise Dental have demonstrated excellent chair side manner. They work diligently and with a preconceived plan of action for each procedure.

The Doctor’s at Sunrise Dental have acute sensitivity to the needs of others and have learned how to meet those needs without detriment to their own emotional well-being. They also demonstrate a high level of moral and ethical behavior that is admirable.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Roger M. Weed D.D.S. FACD

Throughout my 30 year career in the US Air Force, I observed hundreds, perhaps thousands of fine young men and women. Also, as a patient, I observed many Air Force dentists. As a patient, I was particularly impressed with the Doctor’s attentiveness to the patient’s needs, especially their compassion, caring and sensitivity.

My favorable experience with Sunrise Dental prompted me to recommend them to my wife. She is now having extensive dental work performed, and she now shares these same views. Without hesitation, I would recommend Sunrise Dental to my family and friends.

Colonel James L. Zartman, USAF (Ret)

Our son’s mouth was severely damaged in an accident on a Friday night. After a long night in the emergency room dealing with the damage to his face, on Saturday morning we found ourselves searching for a dentist with the skill necessary to handle the broken and chipped teeth, including salvaging what was left of a shattered front tooth.

The Doctor’s dropped everything to handle our emergency that Saturday, and did so not only with great skill and professionalism, but with consummate kindness. The Sunrise Dental office was outfitted with the latest equipment to handle the case, and the Doctor’s and their staff took a personal interest in our son’s condition, following up frequently to ensure he was healing properly. Today our son’s teeth look better than they did before the accident.

Peter Becker
Microsoft Product Development & Marketing, Redmond, WA

My husband, Louis Deatry (Carpenter’s Local 1795), came in for the first time last Sunday. He was very impressed with your service.

Not only has he been telling all of his friends and co-workers, but he wanted you to hear from him also. He had been to other union dentists in the past and was very unsatisfied with their service.

Even after cleaning, he said his teeth didn’t feel clean and he didn’t feel they took the time to do it right. Not only did you take the time, his teeth felt clean and wonderful after the treatment. We will definitely be back!

Jo Ann (Jody) Deatry

My visit at Sunrise Dental has been a wonderful experience. I felt comfortable with the state-of-the-art facilities and the friendly staff.

I was very impressed by the Doctor’s skills, judgment, care, patience, and attention, which led to my full trust in him.

At the end, I was thoroughly educated about my dental concerns. As the result, I made educated decisions regarding my dental health. I agree with Sunrise Dental’s motto; I definitely received a dental treatment that is truly beyond the standard of care.

Anthony Tsim
Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

My name is Staff Sergeant Clinton Renskers. I’m writing this letter on behalf of Sunrise Dental Clinic. I have been going to the Clinic in Federal Way now for a few months. The staff there has been extremely helpful towards me and the work ethic has been extraordinary for what has been done. I can honestly say that this Clinic is by far the best not only professionally but also personally towards the needs of my care.

Furthermore, I won’t take my business anywhere except to Sunrise Dental Clinic for all my dental needs. I have also referred some of my other fellow co-workers to Sunrise Dental Clinic for dental work. From the Dr. to the receptionist, the whole staff is very polite and very professional. I have been all over the world and had worked done with so many other Dr.’s and this is the best office by far. I can’t imagine going anywhere else and I won’t go anywhere else. I don’t have to wait weeks to be seen and I don’t sit in the dental chair for hours. My time is very crucial for what my job is in the Army and the staff knows all of this and they take care of me and my co-workers. My teeth and gums are the healthiest then they have ever been in all my 32 years.

Thank you very much for your time and allowing me to say a few words about Sunrise Dental Clinic in Federal Way.

Staff Sergeant Clinton C. Renskers, US Army Recruiting

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