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About Our Dental Offices

Affordable Dental Offices in Washington

Sunrise Dental offers some of the best dental solutions at inexpensive rates in Washington. We, at Sunrise Dental ensure that all our patients’ needs are met every time they visit us, so they make us their go-to dentist. We have a team of professional and courteous staff who always keeps their patients’ best interests at heart. From root canals to cavities, broken braces to a broken tooth, we excel in a wide array of services.

Why Choose Sunrise Dental?

The number one question we have received is why should I choose Sunrise Dental? Sunrise dental is a great choice for several reasons:

  • Our dentists and staff members are highly educated and continually focus on new techniques, trends and changes in the field of dentistry.
  • Sunrise dentists focus on patient care as their number one priority; making sure that you are educated on your dental choices so that you can make the right decision for your health.
  • Sunrise Dental is one of the only dental organizations that will take most insurance plans.
  • Our staff will make sure your dental care is affordable and fit your budget, whether you have insurance or not.
  • Sunrise Dental has offices in both Washington State and Oregon with convenient night and weekend appointments to fit your busy schedule.
  • Each of our locations have warm and friendly staff that understand their unique communities and will make sure everyone that walks through their doors receives the best care possible.


To make things easy for you, we take appointments for nights and weekends. Due to this facility, you don’t need to find that precious ounce of time during the day when you’re busy at work. We also have round-the-clock dental care staff. These things help us treat all of your dental needs, including specialty treatments like Periodontal treatment, Oral surgery, Orthodontic treatment and Endodontic treatment within our clinics. This wipes out the need for referring you to an outside dentist, and ensures that you can enjoy the high standards of care that we set in our services, including specialty needs.

Specialty Dentistry

At Sunrise Dental, we maintain a strong internal referral network which allows us to send you to a highly experienced Sunrise Dental specialist, should the need for specialty treatment arise. This means we are able to conduct any and all dental procedures you may require such as oral surgery, periodontal, endodontic and orthodontic treatments in-house and at inexpensive rates. We even schedule appointments for night and weekends to treat patients whose schedules are full during the day.

Our Dental Offices

Each and every one of the Sunrise Dental clinics are geared with cutting-edge equipment in dentistry. Our clinics are furnished with intraoral cameras, minimally invasive implants, digital x-rays and repair materials which are just like your natural set of teeth in their look and feel. Our clinics have a very professional yet polite staff and some of the most experienced and highly qualified dentists who always stay up-to-date with the advances in the field of dentistry. Add to this a very strong and robust internal referral network which allows you to get complete dental care while not hurting your finances, and you have a standard of care which is unparalleled in the dental industry!

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